Naftaly Gliksberg
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Feature film


Hebrew, English

Filming Locations: Israel, USA

Ella Rosen, 35, married to Roy and the mother of Jonathan, 6, is a vigorous police investigator in Jerusalem. 

One day, just before they go on a summer vacation, she gets a message from the YadVashem holocaust archives, asking her father to arrive there and get the information he's requested. Ella's heart missed a beat - her father, Bruno, has disappeared during her childhood and his mysterious disappearance left her scarred and hurt.

Ella arrives at the archive and is being told by Nelly that her father asked for their help in locating his mother, a survivor of Auschwitz. They did not find her, Nelly says, but now, surprisingly, following her false testimony, she was found living in New York under a pseudonym.

She is very surprised by the strange story, but what really excites her is that the correspondence with the archive was conducted by her father from New York at a time when he was considered a missing person. Clinging on to the hope that this is an evidence of her father being still alive, Ella embarks on an intensive and obsessive journey to find him.

During the journey following her father, Ella realizes that the mystery of his disappearance is bound up with the dark secrets of his mother – her grandmother. The tragic roots of these secrets seem to lie in the distant past, and their hints are hidden in the memory of the residents of DP camps, diaries and archives.

As the details of her father and grandmother become clearer, Ella rapidly destroys her own family cell, she so lovingly built.  When she finally finds her father, she has to decide whether she will abandon all that is dear to her, or stop the chain of abandonment and return to her loved ones.

Winner: The Haifa-USA Grant

Haifa International Film Festival 2014


Writer: Alma Ganihar (Three Mothers, The Fifth Heaven)

Director: Naftaly Gliksberg (Being Shimon Peres)

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg

Executive Producer: Yigal Mograbi