Naftaly Gliksberg
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Feature film


Hebrew, English

Filming Locations: Israel, USA

The knock on Ella Grinberg's door one early evening does not suggest the journey that follows. Ella, a colorful yet vulnerable 36 year old unmarried free spirit, responds to the knock and finds Nellie at her door. Nellie archives Holocaust survivors' testimonials at the Yad Vashem Institute and informs Ella that she has found out that Ella's grandmother, presumed dead after the Holocaust, is in fact living in a nursing home in New York City under a false identity.

Ella takes the first plane to NY only to find that her grandmother just died, leaving nothing behind. In the coming weeks Ella will set off on a  quest to figure out why her grandmother chose to disappear, to live under a false identity, instead of reuniting with her son, Ella's father.

Assisted by movies taken in a DP (Displaced Persons) camp in Germany by an American photographer who was in love with her grandmother, Ella is introduced to the insanity of the post-war camp life. Promiscuous sex, violent crime, drug addiction, and hopeless attempts to resume a normal life, were the lot of many of these stateless post-traumatic Jews. Ella will then trace the arrival of her grandmother to America and the gallery of colorful characters that surrounded her. Through this journey, Ella will learn to replace her rage at her grandmother's abandonment with empathy and forgiveness.


Writer: Alma Ganihar (Three Mothers, The Fifth Heaven)

Director: Naftaly Gliksberg (Being Shimon Peres)

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg