Margarita Linton-Balaklav
Life is Anywhere Else
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Feature film



A contemporary Russian folk tale that tells the story of a teenage girl and her darkly comic relationship with a bourgeois Jewish suburban community within the Israeli occupied West Bank.

16-year-old Russian immigrant Goldie would do anything to escape Shefa Tal - a picturesque village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Like the guard waving at the gate, the settlers smiling as they jog in circles around the perimeter fence, and her next door neighbor Tamer, Goldie does her best to ignore the boy her age trapped in a Palestinian enclave within the borders of the Jewish settlement, until she realizes that both the enclave and the boy offer her the only way out.

But like in every good folk tale, the ‘village’ seems to have a will of its own. Every time Goldie tries to escape, her dreams get her only so far, and she finds herself back in Shefa Tal. It continues to offer her its solid suburban comfort. And this is not enough.


Writer and director: Margarita Linton-Balaklav

Producers: Haim Mecklberg, Estee Yacov-Mecklberg

Executive Producer: Yigal Mograbi

Jury's Special Mention, 2016 Jerusalem Film Lab Pitching